Anderson Pugash is Chief of Serious Leisure, the owner of four of San Francisco’s top nightlife spots — The Dorian, Palm House, Audio, and Bergerac. He is a restauranteur, philanthropist, entrepreneur and graduate of Wharton Business School.

Anderson’s life goes beyond his long list of business accomplishments, he is driven to improve the quality of life and it was the inspiration for the creation of Serious Leisure. In an interview with Haute Living, his motivation to help bring joy and balance to people came from a personal injury.

“After suffering from a debilitating neck hernia that left him in bed for months, Pugash realized he needed to change his play-hard work-hard ways. “I was working fanatically, getting my company up and going, and we grew quickly,” he says. “I didn’t take care of myself. It was a life-changing injury. It inspired me to open my eyes to the fact that I needed balance and the world needs balance.” Now almost two years later, Pugash has fully recovered and launched a new ventureSerious Leisure, to bring his breathing techniques and positive lifestyle changes to the masses.” Read More, Haute Living, January, 2019.