SPOKEN is the lifestyle experience at a select group
of hotels set in restorative destinations.

SPOKEN is for those of us who seek to discover our voice, and our flow so we can connect deeply to our own unique purpose. It is spiritual in that we believe wellbeing begins from connection within rather than something acquired. Our hotels are intentional sanctuaries for you to be present with others, and with the natural energies that exist in these destinations. From the way you are greeted upon arrival, to the holistic programming included with your stay, to the send-off back home, this is the SPOKEN way.

Our Core Values


We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve our guests
and each other in a respectful and courteous manner.


Driven by purpose, we’re intentional and focused on the present moment. We engage guests
and each other with integrity.


We’re all connected. Our actions directly
affect the business. We trust and collaborate
with each other in an energized rhythm of awareness.


With curious hearts, we seek ways to learn,
innovate, and thrive. We discover meaningful
experiences throughout our day.

Our Properties


Led by Co-CEO’s Stephen Yang and Rebecca Bunyasaranand, SPOKEN provides hotel management services by collaborating with partners and investing in and empowering its employees. The company specializes in operating lifestyle hotels under the SPOKEN experience brand that are designed to be sanctuaries to connect guests with natural energies in restorative destinations including Sky Rock, Sedona, AZ, Flamingo Resort and Sandman, Santa Rosa, CA.