Blog / May 30, 2023

Embracing a Balanced Lifestyle

Finding Harmony in Work, Rest, and Play

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When it comes to striking a balance between work, rest, and play, I don’t think there’s one right answer. For example, when talking with people about their goals for the future or their career plans, they might say they want more flexibility in their work schedule or more time with family. But how do you achieve those things? That can be tricky—and it’s often much easier said than done. However, there are several steps we can take toward achieving our desired state of balance that will help us get there over time (and without feeling overwhelmed).

What is balance?

Balance is not a goal to reach, but rather a practice to master. It’s about achieving harmony in your life by finding the right amount of work, rest, and play for you. It’s about knowing when you’re doing too much of one thing (or all three) and then making adjustments so that everything is in balance.

The first step toward developing this skill is recognizing where your strengths lie–and what they look like when they’re out of whack. For example:

– You might have an incredible ability to focus on tasks at hand during long periods without getting distracted by other things going on around you; however if those tasks are mentally taxing or emotionally draining enough that they make it difficult for you stay focused over time then this may be something worth examining further before moving forward with them alone as part of your daily routine.

Balance is not a goal. It’s a practice.

And that practice takes time to master. You can’t achieve balance overnight, but if you keep practicing the right habits over time and listen closely to your body when it comes to what feels right for you, eventually you’ll find yourself in a place where work, rest, and play feel like they’re in harmony with each other–and that’s what matters most!

It may feel like there are ups and downs along the way (and there will be), but this isn’t about getting everything perfect all at once; it’s about keeping those upsets in perspective so that they don’t take over your life or cause unnecessary stress on yourself or others around you.

How do I know if I’m striking that balance?

You can tell if you’re striking that balance by listening to your body, mind and heart. Your body will let you know when it’s tired or hungry; it may ache from sitting too long or feel sluggish after a day of overindulging. Your mind may be stressed out from work or home obligations, causing headaches and chest pains. And your heart will speak through emotions such as frustration or anger when things don’t go as planned–or joy when something good happens!

If any of these things happen regularly for more than a few days at a time, it’s likely that there’s an imbalance in one area of life affecting another (or all) areas negatively–and vice versa. If everything seems great all around but nothing has changed structurally, then maybe what needs attention is how much time we’re spending on each thing. Instead of simply adding more activities into our schedules without thinking, we need to consider whether they’re really worth our time investment.

What are the benefits of striking a better work-life balance?

When you’re in a state of balance, you’re much more likely to be able to meet the demands of your job and personal life. You’ll feel less stressed out and anxious, which will improve your health by lowering blood pressure and improving overall wellness. This can lead to increased productivity at work because you’re able to focus better on tasks without worrying about what else needs attention at home or work.

A good work-life balance also helps boost happiness levels–and being happy boosts creativity! So if you want to come up with some brilliant ideas for new projects (or just have fun creating something), having a healthy balance between work and play will help make that happen.

What should you do when it feels like your routine is out of alignment?

If you find yourself feeling out of sync with your routine, it’s time to take a break. You may need some perspective and some time away from the daily grind before you can get back into the groove.

You could also ask for help from friends or family members who have been through similar situations–they may have advice on how they rebuilt their lives after being burned out by work or school. Another option is seeking out someone who can give you feedback about how you’re doing at home and at work, so that they can point out where improvements might be needed in order for life to feel balanced again (for example: “I notice that when I’m stressed about work or school projects all day long,” versus “I feel like I’m not having enough fun.”).

Finally, try changing things up! If something isn’t working for us anymore then perhaps we should stop doing it altogether until we figure out what needs changing within ourselves first before making any major decisions about our routines going forward.

Balance doesn’t have to be an overwhelming goal all at once. Rather, it’s something you can practice over time.

Balance isn’t a goal you can achieve in one fell swoop. Rather, it’s something you can practice over time by working on small changes in your life and routine. Here are some tips for how to strike the right balance:

– Set aside some time each week for rest, relaxation and play (such as going out with friends or doing yoga).

– Have a regular routine that includes work hours, sleep hours and downtime–and stick with it! This will help ensure that you’re getting enough rest each day so that fatigue doesn’t get in the way of doing your best work later on. If possible, try not to take on any new projects during this period; instead focus on completing what needs finishing before moving on to something else entirely different (which may require more energy than usual).


With this new understanding of balance, you can develop strategies to make it a reality in your own life. The truth is that we all need to strike a balance between work and play in order to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. If you have found yourself feeling out of balance lately or simply want to learn more about how you can achieve harmony in your own life then please contact me for an appointment today!