Blog / July 11, 2023

Let’s get it Om

How can you channel the language of the universe or simply center yourself while traveling? Try yoga.

people doing yoga on the grass

 Yoga is a practice that includes postures and poses, regulated breathing, meditation and relaxation. It is defined as a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. Thirty-six million Americans and 300 million people practice yoga globally. The most popular styles are Hatha (a broad term for postural yoga), Bikram (a sequence of poses performed in a heated space), Vinyasa (an athletic flow of poses and breathing), and Ashtanga (an advanced sequence of postures and breath). 

After a long flight or drive, yoga may help travelers alleviate lower back pain and reduce inflammation. Yoga can also improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Additional health benefits include stress management and mood elevation. This is favorable for those aiming to achieve a sunshine state of mind on vacation. As yoga’s popularity increases, new variations continue to surface — from aerial yoga (suspending oneself in silks) to goat yoga (often hosted on a farm) and nude yoga (sans clothing) to acroyoga (integrating acrobatics and massage).

Yoga is ideal for travelers because it does not require packing any equipment, though comfortable clothing and a mat, towel or blanket is preferable. Yoga can be practiced in a hotel room, at the gym, outdoors, poolside or in the water. In the room, try locust, bridge, pigeon and child’s poses. Yoga aligns the mind, body, and soul. Achieving a desired pose forces one to focus and be present. It frees the mind of outside thoughts. Some studies suggest that practicing yoga also improves a person’s sleep quality.

Aqua yoga provides a unique experience for low impact exercise with the buoyant effect of the water. This enables a great range of motion and helps build strength. These poses work well in the pool: tree pose, chair pose, warrior pose, half moon pose, and handstand. Kick boards, noodles, and floats can be incorporated. Sunrise yoga gifts you a serene environment for doing sun salutations and setting intentions for the day. Wind down your night doing yoga under the stars beginning with moon salutations.

Incorporating yoga into your travel routine can be a transformative experience for both the body and mind. Whether you’re seeking relief from the strains of travel or simply looking to center yourself amidst the chaos of new surroundings, yoga offers a path to inner balance and serenity. As you unroll your mat in a hotel room, by the poolside, or even in the tranquil embrace of nature, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. From the gentle flow of Hatha yoga to the invigorating sequences of Vinyasa, there is a style and variation for every traveler. Embracing the practice of yoga while on the move not only enhances physical well-being, but it also cultivates mindfulness, resilience, and a deeper connection to the present moment. So, as you explore new destinations and embark on adventures, let yoga be your guiding light, helping you tap into the language of the universe and find solace in the rhythm of your breath. Namaste.