Blog / November 23, 2022

The New Moon and You

The new moon is a time to celebrate and honor the mysteries of the universe.

backlit woman dancing in front of new moon

The new moon represents the beginning of a cycle. It’s when things are fresh, there are no expectations yet, and you can take things at your own pace. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, this is a perfect time to meditate or do yoga; if you’re feeling adventurous, make plans to try something fun (like going on a hike or visiting an art gallery).

What Is a New Moon?:

A new moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle, when the moon is not visible from Earth. It occurs when the sun and moon are aligned with the Earth between them. During this time, you can’t see the moon because it’s hidden by the sun’s light.

What Do New Moons Mean?:

A new moon can mean a time of renewal and beginning—a time to start fresh with a clean slate. It’s also considered an auspicious time to begin something new—a new job or hobby or relationship perhaps?

Many cultures have their own traditions around the new moon. In Japan, it’s associated with good luck and prosperity; in India, it’s linked with good luck and prosperity; and in China, the first new moon of the lunar year marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

Rituals for the New Moon:

-Sit quietly in nature (if it’s not too cold) by yourself or with a loved one. Turn off all screens, close your eyes, and breathe deeply while focusing on being present with yourself or others in this moment. Do this for as long as feels right—the longer you can hold this space of awareness without distraction, the more powerful it will be!

-Write down something that has been on your mind lately or that has been weighing heavily on your heart; then burn it (or rip it up) as an offering to release whatever energy needs releasing in order to make room for positive change.

-Make an intention or affirmation (such as “May I be open to love,” “May I accept myself exactly as I am,” “May I trust myself more than anyone else ever could,” etc.). Then write it down somewhere so that you may read it daily and manifest it.

The new moon is a time for reflection and new beginnings, for looking inward and seeing what’s possible. It’s a time to pay attention to your dreams and aspirations, to reconnect with old friends and family, or to make new ones.